Flea Control in Cats

Cats and kittens need treatment to control fleas

You need to take steps to control flea and tick outbreaks on your cat or kitten, particularly if the cat plays outdoors.

Your cat may be suffering from the dangers of catching diseases and viruses through fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can carry dangerous disease and transmit parasites to your cat. When infected, adverse effects can range from itching to some serious infections. Fleas suck on the blood of the animal it leeches on, and a cat can die from much loss of blood if the flea problem isn't treated. It is very important to keep your cat free of fleas and ticks as much as possible.

While there are commercially available flea shampoos and flea collars, the more recent innovation has developed more powerful treatments against fleas and ticks. These newer treatments extinguishing fleas before they can produce more fleas on your cat. Not only do they aim to get rid of existing fleas, they prevent the new ones from being produced.

One of the excellent flea treatments is Advantage. Advantage can be applied directly onto your cat's skin, and it will last about a month.

Another treatment is called Program. This treatment contains a chemical called lufenuron. This chemical prevents the eggs of the flea from hatching but it does not get rid of the adult flea. Program is good as a preventive measure to keep fleas from multiplying. This chemical does not work on ticks.

For a treatment targeted at both fleas and ticks, you may check out the brand Frontline. This formula will keep both fleas and ticks away for a month, even after washing.

One of the more powerful treatments against flea and ticks comes from a brand called Revolution. Revolution contains the chemical selamectin. This treatment can be applied topically and it can be used to guard against fleas, ticks, worms and ear mites. Pretty good for an all-in-one product.

Once you find that your cat has been infested with fleas, not only should you treat your cat with appropriate flea medications, you should also get rid of the fleas in your house surroundings. Get your carpet, cushions curtains and sofa washed. Fleas can linger for months in the house and your garden. Not only is your cat infected, humans can get infected by fleabites as well. Make sure that you treat your house to rid it of any existing fleas and to prevent and flea eggs from hatching.

If you have found your cat to be infested with fleas, cleaning the house itself is not sufficient. You may need to treat your yard and garden as well. Spray some flea treatments on the corners of your garden, especially the darker hidden areas.